Mini etching cuvette


Since I only etch my own boards very rarely and if, only up to the Eurocard at most, I have built a small etching cell. With its dimensions of 250mm x 170mm x 12mm it needs only a maximum of 150ml filling. With 30g of sodium persulfad this is enough for a double-sided eurocard with a useful track layout.


Ventilation is via a built-in air duct, which is provided with some 0.8mm holes at the bottom. The pump is a simple aquarium pump with 3W. The air volume is regulated by a simple screw valve.


I realized the heating via a 3.3Ohm high load resistor, which transfers its heating power to the etching liquid via an aluminum plate.





 Stk  Name  X[mm]  Y[mm]  Material
 2  Fronten  250  170  Plexiglas 2mm
 4 Frame Seite  250  10  Plexiglas 4mm
 2  Frame Unten  150  10  Plexiglas 4mm
 2 Air duct Seite  235  5  Plexiglas 4mm
 2 Air duct Unten  140  5  Plexiglas 4mm
 1 Glue      ACRIFIX 1R0192
 1 Hot plate 170  100  Aluminium 2mm


If you still want to afford a heating system with controller, here is a simple circuit diagram:

TmpReg Schematic