BoschToGarmin TCX Converter (V1008)

If you have a Bosch Nyon on your EBike and you record your activities, but you use the Garmin infrastructure for other activities, you cannot easily transfer the activities from the Bosch portal to the Garmin portal. You can export .tcx files of the activities from eBike Connect, but the exported format is not read correctly by Garmin's

Here is a small tool that converts the .tcx files from the Bosch portal into a format readable by Garmin.


2019 12 31 10 04 12 TCX Bosch2GarminConverter

Heart rate and cadence are transmitted, the cranked power unfortunately not. This is currently not output by Bosch.

Start 1st program

2. export trips or rides from eBikeConnect as .TCX

3. select all .TCX via button "Bosch TCX Files

4. the converted files are in the same folder and have a name extension of "2Garmin".

5. import files into Garmin Connect