Why does this site exist?

You can find a lot of building instructions and kits for high-end applications on the net. So why my site? The majority of the projects I know of are quite simple in circuitry (and thus of course in reproduction). Mostly they are based on integrated operational amplifiers, integrated power amplifiers or simple basic circuits. With a good tuning of the components you can achieve good results with such circuits. But the effort is quite big, because e.g. the super sounding OP is probably not available. It is rather then the question which OP fits to my power supply, my voltage regulator, my Siebelko, my Chinch cable ............! This is a multi-dimensional problem of coordination, which often overstrains especially the hobbyist, because he either cannot get the corresponding components, or the money does not have to build and test all variants. In the end, one is always dependent on the combination of possibilities offered by the manufacturers and is still a long way from the top class of high-end.

What can you find here?

So what can you find here? Amplifiers and preamplifiers which are completely discrete in the signal path with partly quite complex circuitry, because an extremely linear input impedance, a high linearity or the independence from the supply voltage is always worth more to me 10 transistors for 4 cents than e.g. a capacitor for 70 Euro. I would like to meet the resulting degree of difficulty for the construction with a good documentation. There are not only circuit diagrams, but also layouts, LP production data, parts lists, assembly plans, hints for troubleshooting, etc. And because I had no other choice I made sure that all components can be obtained from generally accessible sources and remain affordable. And if you are confident to tackle one of these projects, you can become a first class soldering assistant afterwards. As an encore he has a moderate priced (pre-) amplifier that can play in the top league in terms of sound.